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News and Events

SMKTM Students battle it out at world stage

     We are proud to announce that 4 of our creative students would represent Malaysia in the World Innovative Championship. The event will be held in city of Birmingham where students from all over the world would gather and compete for the title of the most innovative team. The students have left on the 11th of January, 2006 and is accompanied by our own Mr Amir Hesam who was the mentor of the team.

     The students would be bringing their prized creation, turbo-powered mini drag-cars, and would be hoping to bag the cup. Wong Sai Kong says, "We have specifically tuned the car and it is better than before!". Their optimism is due to the fact that they have conquered rivals in a similar competition at district, state and National level. Because of this, they have been sponsored to bring their cars and attend this annual world event.

      Pn Nik Maryam, Head of Students Affairs says,"We are truly happy with their achievements and hopefully we can win this trophy, good luck to them!"




New School term has started and student population is growing!

      On the 3rd of January, 2006, the official school calendar has kicked off and this meant students would have to pack their school bags and head to school. The highlight would probably be the admittance of new Form 1 students in the school.

      Mrs Rashid who is sending her Form 1 daughter to school says, "She (daughter) is excited to be back in school to meet new students and relive past friendships. I sent her here because the school has a great reputation for academic and co-curriculum achievements."

      466 Form 1 students has been enrolled and the overall student count is now 2517 students, an increase in 73 students from last year! This is far greater compared to the first batch of students which consist of only 403 students in 1991. This shows that the reputation carried with the school is increasing by the year!




Ceria-Thon success makes teachers and students "ceria"

     Last year, the school had launched a Ceria-Thon programme which was intended to brighten up the school by redecorating the school and other amenities. It was held from the 15th of May until the 15th of August of 2005, but even after the deadline, money was still pouring in from donators.

     So it took the school until the end of the year to officially stop the programme and make a formal total count. The teachers and students were happy when they found out they had collected a sum of RM 56, 218.87. Banking on the generosity of students, parents and teachers, the school used the money to refurbish the canteen and school blocks, while performing minor renovations to the school Hall.



new faces in the Administrative Board

     There has been a shuffle in the administrative board where old faces have been given new positions while new faces have been lifted for other posts. The School Headmistress is still Pn Jamiah Mehamad (AMN.) and she has been holding the head post since her arrival in the year 2004. Her new assistant and Assistant Headmistress is Pn Fatimah Haron, who used to be the advisor for the Prefects' Board.

       Puan Nik Maryam Idris who used to be the Head of the Humanity Department is now the new Head of Students Affairs. Then Puan Julia Hamzah has been given the post of Head of Co-curriculum. Lastly, Pn Rohana Abd Rahman has left her post as a Discipline teacher for a newer position as the Assistant Headmistress for the afternoon session.




Departure of some well-known members of the school

       Every start will have its end, and it is sad to inform that some of our beloved teachers has left our school. Pn Kamalyyah Teh, who used to be our assitant Headmistress is now the Headmistress of SMK Hillcrest. Pn Dayang Fatimah, ex-Assistant Headmistress for the afternoon session has left to work for the Department of Education of District Gombak. Lastly, Pn Zahratul Akmar, known for her role as a discipline teacher is now teaching in Selayang. We miss you all.




New batch of Form 6 students

       For some of you who do not know, our school now has allocated two classrooms for Form 6 students. It started on the 1st of June, 2005 and had 70 students on its first enrollment. 35 of them were previously schooling in SMKTM. They have now completed their first semester. Among subjects taught are General Knowledge, Maths and Science subjects.